The First Blog

I’ve never done this before.  Blogging, a strange word, was always a mystery to me, much like Facebook and Twitter, but I figure it’s worth a try.  I’m not sure why anyone would want to read what I have to say, but a certain wife has encouraged me, hence, the following.

 Getting to be what is now commonly called a “senior” rather than the classic designation of “old person” comes on kind of slowly.  For me, it wasn’t when AARP sent me membership information, and it wasn’t when I started to get the one dollar reduction in ticket price at the movie theatre.  It wasn’t when I could get eleven cents off my morning coffee at McDonald’s, nor even when Social Security started sending me money.  Those events all seemed to come out of nowhere and didn’t relate, in my awareness anyway, to any real recognition of age.

 No, it was when I decided to go back to school at age 65.  I know, what the heck was I thinking??  I finished undergrad in 1968 and now it was 2010.  Fools never learn.  But there I was, a fish WAYYY out of water and suddenly…OLD!  Here were the clues.  I didn’t know how to Google, I had never seen a blank spreadsheet and I had never even heard of Powerpoint, all aspects of the digital world my cohorts in the Sustainability Management program were not only familiar with, but were good at!  And just to top it off, registration, which, in my experience required an advisor’s signature and a walk to the gym to wait on line for a student at a table to look through manila folders to see if there was still room in the classes you wanted, was now all done on computers.  I was scared to death and, all of a sudden, very old.

I’ve spent a lifetime doing many different things.  I have skills in many areas. None of those skills, many of which my new friends did not have, were of any use at all.  Yes, old indeed. When I mentioned to a professor that, even though I didn’t understand the material in his class I could build him a deck on his house,  he was sort of mildly amused.  And when a 24 year old was about to celebrate a birthday and complained about getting old, I confess I had to laugh and say, “Don’t sweat it, kid.” Not really sure if “sweat it” is still a permitted slang expression.  So it goes.

So now I spreadsheet and google and powerpoint and register digitally and yes, blog.  Is all this helping me stay young, at least of mind.  I don’t know yet.  You tell me. Oh, and check back in a few days, I may have something more to say.


Well, one of the life skills 


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