A Future of Human-Eating Chickens

by Kimberly Peng Trekking through a humid and dense forest, a white goat stands chained to a poll, eating the grasses that lay around it. Rain starts to pour as flashes of lightning and rumbles of thunder create chaos. In an unexpected instant, the goat disappears, its chain broken and a puddle of blood left … Continue reading

Opening Our Eyes to a Hidden Source of Pollution

Once likened to fruitcake by my civil engineering professor, Kenneth Hover, concrete is about as sweet as the infamously rejected dessert that serves as a metaphor for its composition. Pollution from trucks is unmistakably visible as billowing black smoke from tailpipes. It’s less obvious that concrete deserves a similar recognition for its carbon footprint.  Unbelievably, … Continue reading

Dear Dunkin Donuts: Let Go of The Styrofoam

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing on my mind is usually how quickly I can get out the door to get a cup of coffee.  Yes, I’m addicted to caffeine.  I know it would be much easier to make a pot myself but I prefer to grab a cup of coffee … Continue reading